You'll Get To Heaven Yet

This fun song includes clips from familiar hymns, words changed to reflect a woman's busy life.

Lyrics adapted by Joan Sowards

TOGETHER: As women we strive for perfection In our busy world today. Let's stop and take time to look at ourselves in a humorous way.
VOICE II: Today while the sun shines can all those peaches. Serve every neighbor within your reaches.

VOICE I: Today call the sisters that you visit teaches. Do all the good things that the Gospel preaches.

VOICE II: Mother my dress is in the laundry, My concert is in a half hour.

VOICE I: Yes, I feel inclined to censure the shows my children view.

VOICE II: Joy to the world, My visit teaching's done!

VOICE I: Drive the children all along their way. Sports and music lessons, Every single day! Oh!
Take in a dinner. Do your visit teaching. Read the scriptures, Every single day!

VOICE II: Then wake up and do something more.
But, (SPOKEN:) (Picks up scriptures.) "Here in the scriptures it says, Do not run or labor faster than you have strength."
Have I done any good in the world today?

VOICE I: Mother, I forgot to tell you, our fireside is here tonight. (Spoken) And it starts in ten minutes.

VOICE II: My son just got his Eagle Scout Award and I'm relieved. Whew!

VOICE I: I have too much work to do before the sun goes down.

VOICE II: Can't you try to speak kind words to your brother?

VOICE I: We have meetings so many meetings.

VOICE II: Now that Sunday is over, I am tuckered out.

VOICE I: Mother the pot roast is burning!

VOICE II: Plant your garden! Plant your garden! And you shall pull up weeds forever.

VOICE I: Don't forget to plant zucchini, And your green beans in betweenie.

VOICE II: Be a missionary and do everything else we left out and you'll get to heaven yet.

TOGETHER: Yes, you'll get to heaven yet!

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