Truth Reflects Upon Our Senses

Lyrics by Eliza R Roxcy Snow and M E Abbey, Music by Charles Davis Tillman, Arranged by Joan Lisonbee Sowards

Truth reflects upon our senses; Gospel light reveals to some. If there still should be offenses, Woe to them by whom they come! Judge not, that ye be not judged, Was the counsel Jesus gave; Measure given, large or grudged, Just the same you must receive.

Jesus said, "Be meek and lowly," For 'tis high to be a judge; If I would be pure and holy, I must love without a grudge. It requires a constant labor All his precepts to obey. If I truly love my neighbor, I am in the narrow way.

Blessed Savior, thou wilt guide us, Till we reach that blissful shore Wherethe angels wait to join us in thy praise forever more.

Once I said unto another, "In thine eye there is a mote; If thou art a friend, a brother, Hold, and let me pull it out." But I could not see it fairly, For my sight was very dim. When I came to search more clearly, In mine eye there was a beam.

Topics: tune railway to heaven, Honesty, judging, love, parables, truth, Scriptures Matthew Matt 7:1-5 Alma 41:14-15

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