It's a Jungle Out There

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Lyrics and Music by Joan Sowards

Video by Welda Jolley,
Tacoma Washington Stake

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Follow the leader through life's jungle of wrath.
Temptations will lure you.
Don't step off of the path.
Keep up with the meter using scripture and prayer.
Beware, listen up!
It's a jungle out there.

It's a jungle out there, so each traveler beware.
Stay together, don't stray off the path unaware.
It's an awful fate! So, I'll tell it straight;
It's a jungle, a jungle out there.

There's lions and tigers who wait to deceive,
And slithering reptiles will cause you to grieve.
The monkeys and apes will send you off on a dare.
Beware, listen up!
It's a jungle out there.

Written By Joan Sowards Singer: Joan Sowards Pianist: Karin Guthrie
Recording Engineer: Ted Sowards Year: 2007

Topics: survive the world, girls camp, Temptaion, defense against the devil or satan, Karin Guthrie

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